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~° Furu Hikari °~
29 September 2013 @ 10:47 pm

I intended to write about the live but idk anymore what's this :'D (a live report with fangirling stuff? :'D) sorry :'D
and also sorry for my English :'D

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~° Furu Hikari °~
26 September 2012 @ 08:53 pm
Yesterday I came home and found a notice from the post office so I went to get my letter (because it said I got a big brown envelope.)
And it was a surprise that my Division album arrived~
No, I didn't buy it, I didn't have money for that, it's just that I was soooooo unbelievably lucky ^^"
There was a Spring Raffle on Shattered Tranquality and I won~ It was pure luck I already forget about it because I thought only with one 'ticket' it's absolutely impossible to win. But I was wrong and it was such a great surprise that I could get the album (I chose the shopping spree as a gift, and they bought me the cd ^^)

Soooooo~ It arrived yesterday and I still can't believe it *_______________*
In addition I got some "take free" magazines too~ I was astonished when I saw the Club ZY magazin with Aoi I didn't expect to get one I still can't find any word to describe how happy I am~

Here is a photo of the DIVISION and the magazine~


And here is the whole pack I got ^^

And there'll be a poster too but I have to wait for it to arrive ^^
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~° Furu Hikari °~
23 September 2012 @ 07:07 pm
So, yesterday (or to be exact, today) I was listening to music. I do this everyday so it's not that special but this time it was something like that.
With my best friend we had some nostalgic moment (for hours XD) and sent each other our favorite songs from our childhood. We had to realize they're still too good to just forget about them :'D Not all of them, but most of it. Just like I was posting some rock/punk/alternative music, like Crazy town, Limp bizkit, Good Charlotte, Yellowcard, Green day, Offspring, Gorillaz, POD, etc.... After that we went back some years and bombed each other with songs by Stacie Orrico, Ketchup song, Spice girls, S Club 7, Wengaboys, Shakira... so it was.. hm.. interesting X'D

The total bottom of the whole nostalgic night was Bloodhound Gang - Bad touch X'D with O-zone - Dragostea din tei :'D
So yeah. It was a funny night and morning XD

There were bands/songs we didn't post because we knew we loved them. For example: Linkin park, My Chemical Romance, Metallica, RHCP, Eminem, etc...

Eventhough I was mostly into rock music when I was 12+ before that I really liked pop songs from the radio :'D Like those boybands (Back street boys, N Sync) and those girlbands mentioned before... And~ for what we didn't have time but I wanted to post:
Ronan Keating, Natalie Imbruglia, Nelly Furtado, Natasha Bedingfield, Björk, Kelly family (does anyone remember them?), Dido...

soooo~ I'll spam you with some of my childhood favorites :'D fear meeeeee~ XD
Kelly Family - An angel

naaaaah. I'll post older songs instead XD My favs from the good old days (from the 60's to the 90's in no particular order)
Here is a video collection with about 10-15 seconds of each songs. [I suggest you should open it in another tag/window because it's a list not just a single wideo. So it has other part XD ]
Almost all of the song listed there were my favs back when I was a child... I was such a music orientated kid...

Aaaand~ continue with my fav lists~
The best rock songs from the 70's \o/

The Best Hair Metal, Power Ballads, and Rock Songs of the 80s

ah, such good music... I think music was way better back then. Nowadays it's just... I don't know how to describe it. There are real good musicians and those who are just sh*t. Sorry for the words but it's the truth. IN MY OPINION. So... not everybody'll agree with me.

Oh, I have to mention I have a very eclectic music taste XD It depends on my mood. Sometimes I need pop music, something happy, something flashy and sometimes the total opposite, ballads, sad-depressed, heartbreaking or even love songs. What is also important for me: the lyrics. It doesn't matter whether I understand the lyrics or not, they give me a feeling. Like I don't speak Finnish but really love Finnish music, and one of my fav band, Uniklubi doesn't even sing in any language I know (unfortunately I've never had a chance to learn Finnish. But I still want to... maybe in the future ^^) Plus, my Japanese is still very... basic... so I don't understand that either most of the times.... XD

So music gives me/you feelings it doesn't matter whether you understand every word of the lyrics or not. if you like the mood, the feelings of the songs that's enough IMHO. Just love it ^^

As the last video, Here is my favorite. Because of the meaning of the song/lyrics for me. I'm really touched by this one. ♥ It always makes me cry no matter what. That's what good music is for me. Which gives me gooselumps or makes my heart break ♥ XD *yes, I'm strange.... ehehe ^^" *

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple man

and a cover for this song by Shinedown

Ahaha... My English is still horrible ~.~ so sorry for that.... m(_ _ )m
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~° Furu Hikari °~
22 August 2012 @ 09:12 pm
It was my birthday on Tuesday and I wasn't really at home for some days.
I've spent this time with my dear friend, we watched Disney movies last weekend and for Monday we went to Budapest for the "Birthday of Hungary" :'D There were lots of programs like concert, some air parade and lots of foooooood *w* Traditional Hungarian food and drink and everything~
I already wrote a short blog entry in Japanese (eventhough I still don't speak Japanese... but anyways XD)

As I uploaded some photos there I link it here:

so... HERE is my other blog~

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~° Furu Hikari °~
24 April 2012 @ 02:06 am

So, here is my live report of the D live in Wien. I know I’m a bit late but I still can’t believe I was there.

We went from Budapest to Wien very early in the morning, our train departed at 6 a.m. and we arrived around 9 and went to Replugged. We had a lot of time till the concert so we finished our flag, glued the nametags to the bottle of wines we gave to the band members as a gift, and the Austrian ST leader took a photo of us which she sticked into a book and gave that to the band ^^ We also signed it and wrote a short message ^^.

[One funny (or not that funny?) fact that we, Hungarians were mostly there. About half of the fans were Hungarian... Only 2 (or some more) Austrians were there, the others came from Slovakia, Chech Republic, Romania, etc...]

The band arrived around 2 p.m. and it was surprising that they came through the front door of the club! Later in the afternoon some staff members made a video with us about how we first met the band, favorite songs, where we came from, message to the band etc…

As for another surprise, suddenly Asagi went out to the street to take some photos XD We were like: WTF are you doing outside the club? XD

And~ after a lot of waiting we went to buy some merch and went straight to the stage. There was a short Q&A meeting, we had a chance to gave them our presents and after another waiting the concert started~

It was amazing~ They were so close to us! There wasn’t any cordon and we could touch them~ The played lots of my favorite songs, Asagi danced… or tried to because the stage was so little. I was happy to be so close to them and I touched Ruiza’s hands a lot~ He always reached to us, let us touch his guitar too, he smiled a lot :D Sometimes the members switched places… and Ruiza once bumped into Tsunehito XD

During Huang Di Asagi danced with a fan in his hand… and BANG~ XD The ceiling was so close that he hit it with the fan and it broke XD I mean the fan not the ceiling :’D And during another song (I can’t remember which) he brought a whip *______________* Fortunately he just swayed it XD Otherwise he would hit someone in the crowd or Tsunehito or Hide-zou o__O; Before Night-ship D, Asagi told us to hold our flags or if we didn’t have one “Show me your beautiful hands” *________* ♥

I was a bit sad because I wanted to stand in Tsunehito’s side but I was happy to see Ruiza that much XD I had a chance to reach everyone’s hands even for just a second. Hide-zou’s hands are so strong and manly~ XD I love Asagi’s hands the most they are soooo beautiful *____________*

Ahh~~~ anyways~ I didn’t want the live to end. They played Dearest you as an encore song and it was over.

But the night and the surprises weren’t! We didn’t have anywhere to go so we stayed at the club and thought maybe we could see them when they go back to the hotel. Lucky us~ We waited for them and when they came out we asked them if we could get an autograph. Ruiza and Asagi were the first ones coming, Ruiza looked back to Asagi with a “doushyou?” face if they can give us or not but Asagi agreed and was smiling and they gave us autograph *______*

First Ruiza with that EKG line XD He wrote it in the middle of my ticket, I was wondering where the others would sign XD Then Asagi signed it next to it and I went to Hiroki. He and the others were still standing on the stairs so we handed our paper over there. Hiroki was so cute :’D He signed it and tried to draw something (later I figured out that it was a letter D… ) but the pen wasn’t working. He was like “are? nande? nande?” XD There was no problem with the pen just he couldn’t use it :D Hide-zou was wearing sunglasses… in a hardly lit bar… But instead of put it off he used his phone’s flash XD ahhaha :’D And Tsunehito~ He asked where did Hiroki sign because he wanted to sign there XD But there wasn’t any place on that side so he wrote it under Hide-zou’s. And he wrote “sankyuu” in hiragana *____* OMG Cute~ ♥

Ah, I almost forget… I HAVE HIROKI’S DRUMSTICK *_______________________* ♥

Here are some photos~

Hungarian traditional wine (Royal Tokaji - Áts Cuvée 2009)

the book with our photos (left is 5 of us from the ST, right is another 2 members who were there ^^)

Asagi went out to take some photos :'D ♥

autograph~ from left to right: Hide-zou, Tsunehito, Ruiza, Asagi and Hiroki

The merch i bought ^^ and Hiroki's drumstick *_____* ♥

p.s.: sorry for my bad English :'D

p.s.2: *can't believe* Hiroki answered to my tweet ^^ They liked the wine~ ♥

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~° Furu Hikari °~
06 August 2011 @ 02:34 am
I still can't believe that I was there and saw Gackt. I didn’t really want to go first because I haven’t been listening to his music for years. Long ago I was such a fangirl and he was my No.1 favorite and I think, after this live, he IS one of my favorites again.

And another “problem”: I didn’t really know his “newer” songs XD I only watched some PVs this week to prepare myself for the live and only know half of the songs they played, the other half was in the IDK category.
So~ I won’t write an oh-so-long live report because I’m still under the effect of the live XD sorry m(_ _ )m Okay, so my impressions of the show… FANSERVICE *o*

Yes. I’m a fan of fanservice. And this show was a whole 2-hour-long fanservice! Almost died! XD Okay, not. I’m still here and alive. But I really enjoyed watching what Gackt and Jon was doing on stage. But I have to tell you, before the live I found some promo pictures and I was like “OMG Who the hell is that gaijin with them? No-nonono~ I only want Gackt and the band here!” But that changed when the show started. So don’t judge by the first time you see someone! Now I think I’m a fan of Jon and his other band, Fade too.

There were funny moments too. Like, when after 2 or 3 songs Gackt and Jon tried to rip their shirts. BUT FAILED LOL XD Gackt showed his back to us so we didn’t really see what and how he did fail… Jon tried 4 times when he finally managed to rip that shirt and then threw it to us (I just saw the buttons flying everywhere XD). Unfortunately I was in about the 10th row in the middle and they only threw things to the front. Or for those who stood on the sides. Or next to me… I almost caught some of the water bottles they threw but there were some tall guys and foreigners who got them. Next time I will get them too~ so hope they’ll come back for real as they promised.

Another funny moment was when all of them stood together in the front, Gackt was talking and U:zo was playing with the bottles XD I just burst out laughing when Shinya slap him a little and he was still smiling and continue splashing the water on us :D I really love U:zo~ he and Takumi were here about 2 years ago with Miyavi so this time it was some kind of a reunion :D ♥

That’s all about the concert.
I bought some tour goods: 2 fans (1 for myself and 1 for my friend who couldn’t come) and a plastic bag [? XD or how I call it: plastic GACKT XD m(_ _ )m]

Here is a photo of the tour logo and the merch:

Ah, almost forget something: I really love Jon now *w* And I realized that I already met his band as they made the opening song for “Deadman wonderland” anime. I haven’t seen that just it’s on my ‘wanna watch’ list. u_u ♥

p.s.: here is a link for the Hungarian live report

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~° Furu Hikari °~
13 March 2011 @ 04:42 pm
First of all, I'm still worried about what happened in Japan (and in other parts od the world) this week, since 03.11., but a bit revealed since i know, all my friends and my beloved ones are all right there.
But still, all of you, be careful, please~

日本で皆さん、気を付けて下さい。私は、まだ 心配です。

Second, there was a Girugämesh live yesterday in Budapest. that was hilarious~ I really enjoyed it~ ^^

Before the live I've met lots of my friends who I haven't seen for ages~ It wad good to see you again ^^
There was a huge crowd outside the club, and also a big one when we managed to got in. Luckily my friends had some place for us, so we didn't have to be in the crowd.

During some songs I LOLed at them :'D When Nii started to dance... or what should I call it XD I really love that crazy guy X3 And there was a moment, when he and Shuu stood in front of Ryo, showed their back to us, and DANCE! XD Hilarious! XD I laughed so much :'D
We didn't see Ryo that much, just when he stood up behind the drums~ (I shouldn't say that, but he was SUPER CUUUUUTE~ X3)

During the encore, Satoshi made a short MC about donating japanese.

I really love you guys~

Be careful when returning to Japan after the tour~


here are my other blogs about the live:



~° Furu Hikari °~
21 January 2011 @ 01:58 am
 Yesterday was one of the best days of my life for sure~
I finally could go to one of my favourite band's live. I love them for years, and I still can't believe tht i saw them in person and not just in some video or photo. They are real~

So, yesterday was the Mucc live here, in Budapest, Hungary.
I went to the Diesel club around 3 p.m. because it was my dream to be in the first row in their concert :'D I was in the 2-3. row, and it was fantastic *o* They were so close *w*

My best concert was Versailles, because they have a special place in my heart, but Mucc was almost the same. I really really enjoyed the live, the music, their behaviour XD When Tatsurou spoke some hungarian words, like "Sziasztok" (hello), "köszönöm" (Thank you), "örülök, hogy itt lehetek" (I'm happy to be here) and others like these, and almost with a perfect pronounciation *-* it was funny, when he couldn't say one of these expressions, and the audience was like "EEEHHH?~" and he checked it again in his paper :D They were so friendly with us :3

For the encore, they come back witt the flags we made and signed for them, and Yukke tried to "wear" one on his back an another for the front, but it fall down, so he put those on the cordon on the side of the stage. Tatsurou put another on the drum set :D
During the encore, Tatsu made us sit down, and said that when Satochi count to 4, we have to jump. But Satochi counted 3, 2, 1! but that didn't matter XD Everybody jumped :'D
Also, Tatsurou tought us some japanese :'D 『一人っ子政策』 which means: one child politics? Or I don't know, but that expression doesn't make any sence I think :'D A japanese woman told us after the live, that it's a strange expression, so it's not a problem that we didn't understand it first... Because Tatsurou didn't explain what it meant D:

At the end of the live, they made a little MC, in english and in hungarian XD that was funny :'D
Tatsutou was sitting in front of the drum set, while the others spoke, first Yukke. He said that it as their first time here, in Budapest, and he's verx happy to see, that there are so many fans came, and he want to come back again. He also mentioned that the foof was good :'D in hungarian, so it was funny to hear his "jó volt a kaja" and after that Tatsu said "smoke!" because there was a smoke machine during the live XD And Yukke barely saw a thing :D
Then Miya said almost the same, that he's happy to be here and want to come back soon~
And Satochi: Hy, I'm Satochi, nice to meet you~! I'm japanese and japanese language is my weakest point!
We laughed so hard at his voice and on his sentences :'D

And before they went down, they threw some picks and drumsticks, but I couldn't catch any of them D: but I'll next time! :'D

That's all~
I made a photo of their bus :'D
Red Car Bus :'D

I know, it's not the best quality, because my hands were frozen XD It was very cold and I couldn't feel my fingers D:

here is a link for my hungarian blog, for another live riport :D
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~° Furu Hikari °~
So, here is my Live report about Versailles' live in Budapest, Hungary.
A crazy fangirl's livereport about VersaillesCollapse )

I'll never forget them <3
We Are Versailles~

And if someone want to read my livereport in hungarian, you can do it H E R E  at my blog ^^
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~° Furu Hikari °~
23 December 2009 @ 06:37 pm

Hello minna~

I tried to record today's/yesterday's Mao's room, but failed D: I missed about a minute in the begining, and my pc was a bitch, and only recorded 24 minutes .____.

24 minutes is more than nothing (^-^)vCollapse )
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